Sunday, November 6, 2011

Austin, TX a few weekends ago...

Joleen and I went to Austin a few weeks ago to switch out the jewelry in Haven Gallery and I took a few photos along the way but not these. Here are some photos of some things that Mindi has in Haven that I did not take.

We also went by a jewelry academy while we were there, Creative Side Jewelry Academy of Austin and met some beautiful and talented ladies there. I took some pictures there too. I'll put them all in a slideshow for you to enjoy.

I also took quite a few photos of street art. They are doing a beautification project in East Sixth St Community in which, they are promoting small businesses and allowing well done street art. It is pretty interesting.... Check it out.

That's all I have for now... I'm off to the grocery store.
Until next time....

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Mobile Blogging. I just thought I would send something to see how this works.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I've officially lost it.

I have officially lost my camera. All of the boxes that went to the Marburger Farm show in Round Top have been unpacked and my camera is nowhere to be found!!! I'm a bad blogger. I promised photos and took them but I still can't deliver the goods. I do have a photo from Robin's (Magnolia Pearl) Birthday dinner at Royer's Cafe in Round Top on my phone.
We had a wonderful show. I had a blast seeing old friends and new friends and online friends. It is nice to switch to a different rat race sometimes. The show has a lot of long hard days but at the end of the day when we all head off to the B&B to change clothes and go out for dinner and shopping, we catch our second wind. There is so much to see and so little time to see it in. I can't believe I lost all of my pictures. I'll try to collect some from friends and post a slideshow. I'll try to find a new camera soon but until then, we'll have to do with phone pics.
Until next time...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pictures of you in Magnolia Pearl

I am a big fan of Magnolia Pearl and I collect their line of Beautiful Wear Clothing and do a little "wheelin and dealin" on eBay to further my collection... I am often asked by customers where they can look to see pictures of people wearing Magnolia Pearl everyday. So I am going to add a slideshow of pictures that I have but I would love to add your pictures too. I will post them as regularly as possible. I'm going to get a lot of them at the Marburger Farm show! Yay!! We are going to have a blast, as always! I get to spend 8 days with some of the most beautiful and amazing people in the world, making an amazing fairytale booth and wearing the newest line of the collection and shopping of course. What more can a girl ask for? I love my life!!!
Send me your pictures at

Old News...

So it looks like my blogging is off to a s-l-o-w start. I have some old news about the Kerrville Music and Wine Festival that Joleen and I did two weeks ago. I have probably forgotten half of the important stuff but luckily, I was smart enough to take some pictures and collect some business cards.....

We arrived on Thursday night (the day before the Festival began) and started our setup. Here is what we had to work with...

So we got busy making it beautiful and this is how far we made it Thursday night.

Here's the final outcome...

Setting up the booth is only the beginning of the fun....
Here's the view around the main theater area.

and then there is the food court where you get those AWESOME roasted turkey legs!!

My husband caught me with the delicious turkey leg...

Here are some of the other vendors and their booths.
Here's our neighbor Donovan with his tie dye and pottery booth.
Here is me in a Magnolia Pearl top and an Ewa I Walla Skirt with my crushed cowboy hat.
Here is the booth for Kontraband Kitty
I love the orange bloomers in the middle but someone else ended up buying them.

Here is a booth for a local artist that I have met a few times and I am not all that into abstract art but I really like her.

And another one of my favorites was a girl that called herself Pixie but I guess I lost her card so I only have this picture.

That is not all of the booths but I'm getting bored with that part....
I didn't really get many pictures of the music on main stage because I was in the booth the whole time but I did get some great pics in the campgrounds. I found a new favorite performer. This outstanding singer/ songwriter is just as sweet in person as she sounds in her songs.  Rebecca Loebe is my very favorite. I will add a video of her if I can figure out how.

 I first heard her in my friend Gingus' tricked out school bus. I was astonished when we went into her bus and saw her idea of how to make a school bus a home. Pretty nice. She added eye hooks all down the center of the bus in order to make the seating and sleeping suspended and interchangeable and added lockers and countertops.

Here is the worst part of any Festival... this one is the "Octo-John"

(I just added that to really make you feel like you were there!)
Here is the Kerr Tree store and Kidsville in the campgrounds

Here is one of the concerts in the Threadgill Theater in the campgounds

I guess that's it.

Now I am packing and getting ready for my next big event....
I do this show every six months with Magnolia Pearl. I really have a blast at this show. I will take pics and try to post sooner this next time. Here are some pics of our booth in the Spring

Until then.....